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FireSong is a vacation home community with a rental, ownership, venue and retreat option available to our guest.

See the benefits of owning at FireSong today!  Shared ownership makes this lifestyle affordable now and provides a unique opportunity to experience the lake without the work. We chose to build a resort where we would personally want to own and create a community that we would be proud to be a part of. It has been thought through in complete detail and given the opportunity we would love to answer your questions.

We are the first shared ownership project in Saskatchewan. Although new to this area, it is not new to the recreational property world. you will need to explore the benefits of fractional or shared ownership. We have provided for you an overview and some discussion points to start the conversation.

We understand, you have not likely come to this site, looking for shared ownership.
We, too, wanted a deeded property, that we could call our own and could customized to our recreational needs. This is how we came to this model. It is not for everybody but there is a flexibility and such opportunity here that we invite you to a casual conversation about the differences, the pros and the cons.

Join us for a casual conversation on whether or not the flexibility of this model would work for you.