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Discussion Points

Annual average

The average cabin usage in North America is 34 days …a statistic that has held for 8 consecutive years. Once an individual acknowledges this is, indeed the reality, it is only at that point a conversation about shared ownership can occur.
There are those looking for a primary residence, if that is the case FireSong is not a fit. We are designed perfectly for those that like to escape to the lake for a week or so at a time, especially those wanting to be part of something very special.

The above statistic is the reason we have decided we will have 13 shares per home. The average family can coordinate 4 weeks of vacation, and the opportunity to space these throughout the year evenly allows for 4 opportunities – 28 days to to get away and get re-grounded The beauty of this structure is the flexibility and the fact that all properties are sold fully furnished with full access to all services and amenities. There is no need to come early to set up or to stay to clean – just close the door!

Annual fees

Annual fees typically range from $2000 – $3000 per year and range in the comprehensiveness of coverage. It is our desire to keep this simple and a pure cost recovery program.
Included in the calculation of these fees is the property taxes, utilities, security and staffing costs, property maintenance and housekeeping. A detailed budget is available on request.
It is of note that these fees cannot be adjusted more than 10% per year once established.

It will take the first three cabins to establish the real costs : therefore, the first 39 owners will be charged $1 per square foot for the duration of their ownership, regardless of any adjustments made subsequently

The Hummingbird Inn 1269 sq ft = $ 1269 in annual fees
The Perch 1590 sq ft = $ 1590 in annual fees
Living Waters 3430 sq ft = $ 3430 in annual fees
The Legacy 3296 sq ft = $ 3296 in annual fees

Property Amenities

We are very intentional in the development of our amenities

What do I get

One share = 1/13th of a titled deed, managed by a usage agreement that equals 4 weeks per year, divided one per season.

Your home is fully appointed, readied for your arrival and cleaned upon your exit.
Access to all amenities

All grounds are maintained year round at a resort standard
24 hour security and a private community

Community programming and services as developed

Your name branded into the boardwalk as a founding owner.