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Congratulations on being open-minded and curious as to the potential in property ownership here at FireSong

We have five cabin styles , all reflective of different lifestyles and individually priced accordingly.

Three of the styles are available on the water feature

The Hummingbird Inn Ownership of this cabin starts at $75,000 per share
The Perch Ownership of this cottage starts at $100,000 per share
Living Waters Ownership of this chalet starts at $125,000 per share

Two of the styles are available on the lake front

FireSong Private sales only; 13 pending

The Legacy Ownership of this lodge starts at $150,000

All prices are subject to change at the developers discretion.

Financing is available through the developer, 25% down is required: interest rate is 8.5% per annum.

Ownership has its privileges and one of those privileges is ownership.

Because these are deeded properties, they are truly an asset that can be purchased, sold, traded; willed or rented. It is truly your decision. The process of ownership looks very familiar:

Discover FireSong and all it has to offer.
Explore all options, lakefront vs water feature
Explore your family’s needs to ensure adequate flexibility, access and room
Choose cabin, cottage, chalet or lodge
Choose preferred location and/or theme

While finalizing decision..
Consider placing a refundable $5000 deposit with us and sign a reservation agreement to ensure best availability, and choice in the order we receive these agreements. This is a right of first refusal.

Once decided…
There will be a purchase agreement, a homeowners association agreement, and a usage agreement. Within these documents, is a buy-back option and a financing option available to you.

Once a homeowner, you will have a direct say in the management of this project.