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FireSong captures all the elements of life… by intention we blend family, nature and hope into a community of respect.

Look closely at our brand and you will see each of those elements intertwined beautifully.

We choose relationships that are honouring and respectful,
We choose to respect our environment
We choose to respect our neighbours




By design, all aspects of the property has been considered in terms of how it will promote opportunities for your families to reconnect, and to create memories together.

Each cabin has a bedroom on the main floor for grandparents and consideration has been given for accessibility. There are places to escape for those living in the sandwich generation and yet reconvene, around the fire or the water features

There are cousin cupboards and hidden spots for just the right size to explore…

There are features incorporated all through out FireSong for each age group and for moments to be captured.
A floating fire pit
A disappearing river
A webcam in the beaver house
A s’more bar
An outdoor living area
A namaste patio

We are looking to experience life together and that can only be done with opportunity for quality time once sufficient quantity of time has been realized.

Eco-friendly green build

It is difficult to even start an overview the components of our green build. We have actually been naively challenged throughout the course of construction on this, which we have found interesting as we have been green builders since before there was a certification program, and an example to the construction industry.


Our original submission was for 25 lots however, research could not confirm a lakes capacity for development and as developers, we voluntarily altered our submission to 20 lots. We took into consideration the developed lake to the west and the water flow, the natural springs and the fact that we are a loon nesting ground.

We opted to repurpose areas that were mismanaged and incorporate water management into the overall design

12:12 pitch manages snow load without additional management required waterways direct water back into storage matrixes and create natural overflows, clean water gravity fed to the lake our Eco-pool is called a natural pool and uses all natural materials and filtration to clean the water, making it safe and purposeful. This water management system is one of the largest rain water recovery systems in Canada and is a showcase for sustainable living .


Our original proposal was fully geothermal however sales would not support the same. It is our experience now that although consumers would like to see the technology incorporated they are not willing to pay for the additional costs. We believe the consumer has spoken and we backed down on this aspect.

We have however continued with energy efficient windows, ICF basements, and additional styrofoam incorporated with the acrylic stucco.

Our homes have been evaluated and scored so that our consumers can see for themselves the commitment to energy efficiency . We use air to air exchange, and our homes incorporate strategic placement of appropriately sized fans to ensure air movement and heat exchange.

Fire Protection

We are 15 km from a volunteer fire department and thus have had to take responsibility for prevention:
– We have a lake to the south: a roadway to the north, thus a natural cut-off from fire.
– We have fire resistant building materials
– We have 200,000 gallons of water, on demand, stored in underground matrixes accessible to every building.

We studied very carefully the fires in SanDiego and Kelowna and found that those homes that were saved , where the fire jumped were constructed of the following materials:

– Metal roofs
– James hardy siding ( cement board )
– Acrylic stucco

Our architectural controls are in place to resist exposure in the presence of fire, besides they are beautiful.

Product selection

We are first very proud of our decisions that have been lived out throughout our lives in terms of product choices, sustainability and living cooperatively in nature.

– The metal roofs eliminate the contribution of asphalt as ground/water waste over time.
– James hardy siding and acrylic siding does not deteriorate, higher quality material both of recycled cement.
– Repurposed flooring
– Hardwoods from Brazil for the docks to ensure no breakage or deterioration in the water
– High end floats to protect the beavers from foam consumption
– Energy efficient mechanical systems
– Water based paints
– Storage bins for waste: recycle options onsite

Waste management

We made a huge effort to incorporate a waste management system however municipal bylaws in this area did not accept this proposal.
– We have had to settle on 2000 gallon tanks shared between two cabins, pumped out weekly.
– We use rainwater vs gray water for landscaping purposes.
– We use wells vs cisterns for potable water as it replenishes self, and again we share wells amongst multiple cabins to reduce impact


The Runzer’s are from this area and have treasured these lakes and this community for all that it stands for.
We have tried to honour our heritage, both from Saskatchewan, by capturing traditions that have impacted our communities.

– Our floors in the show home were custom engineered from a Saskatchewan grain elevator
– Our original two homes contain the fir from the St Walburg dance hall built into their stairs and mantels
– Our homes are each themed with something specifically Saskatchewan, ranging from Annette Barthel’s quilt to a roughrider themed pub dedicated to Lori’s uncle who played in 1960-61.

We are remembering closely our own, having built Reine’s perch pond as a tribute to dad. Surrounding and forming the foundation of that feature is Olga’s garden, a place for generations to come to find the perennials of all the grandmothers before them. A beautiful teak bench sits lovingly in front, as a living tribute to Lori’s mom, a poet whose poem ‘ Grandma’s Bench’ is published and award winning

We have built our firepit’s as a place to gather, a place to find one another and to meet new friends.

We are proud contributors to the DogPatch Music Festival, the people’s festival ..check it out and mark your calendars for the weekend of August 7, 2015

We are host private concerts, weddings, and retreats for those within our network appreciating where we live and who we live amongst!


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