The story behind “The Gathering Place”

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Growing up at Elk Island Park, Lori has so many great family memories of the stone picnic house at the top of the hill. Now it three generations that know that hill and that house.


We realized around the time of Reine’s funeral that we truly needed a place to gather away from the elements, to host our friends and family. At first we considered a picnic shelter, identical to the one we knew, but we realized it needed to be enclosed –
rain or shine
sleet or snow
winter or summer

We gather here –
we celebrate,
we remember
we eat and this is where we meet those who are soon to become our friends, as we welcome you to                FireSong.

This building is a living legacy to Lori’s mom, and it is only fitting that the painting our son airbrushed of his Papa Runzer is honored about the mantel.

We love his presence as we carry on the legacy of this family; playing rumoli, and winging the cards with those gnarley fingers and a grin, we will never forget.

Fowler Lake Night