The story behind “The Hummingbird Inn”

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Many years ago, Dean and Lori found the original Hummingbird Inn, nestled amongst the trees on Gabriola Island.

Five months pregnant and soaking wet, we stood on the landing of the sweetest cabin we had ever seen, seeking open arms and a warm bath. Our visit, was a piece of heaven, welcomed with loving arms, brought in, stripped down, and fed then topped up with a hot chocolate sprinkled with sparkles and put to bed in The Rainbow Room.

In our Hummingbird Inn, you will find elements of that precious cabin; rainbow colored fabrics and the essence of our stay those many years ago.

The bird’s nests are the very nests our contractors have worked around throughout the whole build, They needed a home there until those babes were ready …

Watching out for those in need … this is The Hummingbird Inn.