The story behind ” Living Waters”

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Living Waters
Wanting to incorporate the original name of this project, living Waters reminds us of our commitment to life at the lake.
We understood all the reasons why the marketing company knew we needed to change our name, but we loved Living Waters.

so this series of cabins captures our passion – large luxurious family cabins with plenty of room to play and host those who choose to live and play at the lake.

These cabins have strategically positioned so as to hear and witness the water play over the waterfalls.
The exterior, our original vision for each home: The interior is bigger than life.

The dream itself it big and bold and beautiful
This house matches it – big, bold and beautiful.

Each basement, a sports themed pub. Our first is a tribute to my uncle, Dave Shaw, and his beloved Saskatchewan Roughriders (1960-61).
the next we await the return of the champion Oilers, and the third is yet to be decided!