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The Perch Rendering
A true family project, we seek input from all and it was Ben who came up with the name, “The Perch”.
It really does encompass it all.

We had just built the Perch pond and Ben recalls , all too well, catching 300 perch in 3 hours with his cousin, Trevor one fine summer day ,right here on Fowler Lake.
This cabin is designed that you can perch on the porch after a great day of fishing on a lake where you are sure to always catch your first fish!

Many travel with a crew, each kid brings a friend -0 so mom and dad have a beautiful suite to themselves looking straight onto the waterscapes and the rest of the clan get the upstairs. Easily converted for an adult stay- three couples would absolutely love this property: grab a coffee and fook over the beautfiul grounds perched far above one of Canadas largest rainwater recovery systems designed as a world class waterfall and aquascape, complete with patios and walkways along the natural pool